Your Partner

Construction projects can be challenging and can easily get derailed. Build more confidently with HuDawn in your corner. 

Feeling frustrated as general contractors fail to meet expectations can be a thing of the past. Try a new way with us. A fluid process with talented construction project partners that have a mission to build your confidence at every single stage. 


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HuDawn is a Cincinnati Leader in Managing Great Interior Construction Projects

We build and improve commercial facilities specializing in healthcare with broad experience in retail, hospitality, corporate, and industrial. Established in 2009, HuDawn has served as a building partner and general contractor to some of the region's top real estate, healthcare, financial, industrial, corporate and retail organizations. 

Headquartered in Northern Cincinnati HuDawn has 50 employees from service leaders, project managers to production field staff committed to being bests in construction and maintenance project planning, execution and safety to keep jobs on track. 


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We Know How You Feel. We Feel Your Pain.

We’ve been on your side of the project before we started HuDawn. We experienced, first hand, the daily pains of dealing with unreliable and inflexible contractors. We know all too well that speed and prompt communication are critical when managing facility projects. We felt your pain of having pressures, deadlines, tight budgets and many people to answer to all while juggling a full plate of other job responsibilities

That's Why We Are Here. To Build Your Confidence.

In 2009 we set out to find a better way; improve the relationship between you and contractors, and give you the building confidence you deserve. 

The Difference

HuDawn’s healthcare experience with every major hospital system in Cincinnati working through challenging projects with multiple stakeholders provides HuDawn knowledge and confidence to tackle any challenging job.

HuDawn’s strong subcontractor network coupled with in-house skilled tradesman, gives HuDawn
greater control and value on every project.

Through a solutions-focused approach HuDawn performs work that results in 90% repeat client business.

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Our Confidence is a Result of Being Prepared, Proactive, and Positive. 

These three values are the pillars to building confidence. And this is what we promise to deliver you and your team throughout the course of our partnership. It’s expected to have an efficient and high-quality facility at the end of a project, but our point of difference is in the build up. The communication, problem-solving, reporting, negotiating on your behalf, budgeting, and managing the details is where we set ourselves apart. This is because we will be prepared, proactive and positive and in turn allowing you to move through the project the same way.

Our Approach

The illusion in the commercial construction industry that in order to ensure quality you have to pay more is simply not true. The fact is, in order to ensure quality at a lower cost, an experienced professional must directly manage every variable in order to eliminate mistakes, improve efficiency, and ensure timely completion. HuDawn has the talent, experience, resources, and systems required to serve as that resource.

We promise to offer our clients:

  • A partnering project manager and single point of contact to manage your project from start to finish
  • An on-site Superintendent that will supervise the work, subcontractors, safety and cleanliness
  • Detailed budget consolidation with one vendor relationship, enabling cost control
  • Flexible talent, available to meet your needs 24 hours a day
  • Unique value-engineered capabilities to complete the project at a lower cost without sacrificing quality and long-term investment protection
  • A commitment to meet scheduling demands and special requests
  • Weekly project review meetings to ensure that all issues are addressed before they become major problems that add cost and schedule delays

From construction and renovations to interior and exterior special projects, maintenance and repair, HuDawn can help you spend less time on facility/construction management and more time developing solutions for core business success.

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