A Look Back

Posted on: January 8, 2018
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I’ve been with HuDawn for about four and a half years. Prior to that, I was working closely with Chad from the beginning in 2009 on the brand and marketing to launch the company while I was working at a larger marketing agency called Empower. I remember sitting down with Chad for lunch reviewing his business plan, spitballing names, and thinking man is he brave. He’s going to start a construction and maintenance business in the height of the recession. But with his passion and confidence coming through in every idea he had, I couldn’t help but believe that it would lead straight to greatness.

When I started with the company in August 2013 we were a team of eight in the small office on Bethany and our biggest construction project was Dare to Dance – a dance studio over in Cornell Park. We had a strategy meeting a few months in and one of our biggest challenges for the brand was that we were too nice. We said yes to everything and sometimes at the expense of our money, time, and our own happiness.  But it was all for the client. Rough problem to have right? Your people are too nice.

So while we never wanted to smolder the niceness, the customer focus, the yes can-do attitude, we set out to move from do anything to build confidence. We wanted to prove to the market that we were the authority on facility solutions. We are solvers, solution people, proactive and we work really hard to give our customers something great.

And the more credibility we earned the more trust we built, the more options we had to not necessarily say no, but to reframe where we wanted certain things to go. The kind of jobs we wanted to take on. We took the wheel and started directing the ship. More doors started opening, more opportunities showed up, and while nice the whole way, we matured into a company that was moving in the direction of our choice.

Now here we are four and half years later. We were chosen to do the construction on the corporate office of the largest real estate firm in the world, Cushman and Wakefield. We do electric work for one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America, Kinder Morgan. We have The maintenance contract for both of the largest hospital systems in the region - Mercy and TriHealth. And special projects which was created to complete small-scale construction projects worked on renovations for a company like CEVA – one the largest logistics companies in the world.

We graduated to the next level. And we worked really hard to get ourselves this position. Was it the brand which guides us and the market on how to perceive HuDawn, what we stand for, and what we promise to deliver? That was a great starting point for sure. That served as our compass. But the key to our success was the people. A brand is nothing unless it’s brought to life. And you can bring it to life online through a website, sales pieces, emails, social media. But the most influential, most inspiring way to deliver it, is through passionate people that embody it. Our people get behind the mission to build confidently and build better. Every day working hard to make our customers happy. We get frustrated and stressed when something doesn't go as planned for this reason. We get fired up when a job doesn't run on time. 

It's been a tremendous pleasure helping this brand grow and seeing everyone rally behind it. I can’t wait to continue to see where it will go and how much better it will only get from here because of the great people involved. I’m looking forward to better for all of us in 2018. Cheers to better.


About Tara Morris
Tara has served as the Director of Growth for HuDawn for four and half years. She started managing the brand and marketing and moved into other leadership roles in the company to help grow the brand from the inside out. She is currently working on new ventures for the HuDawn group including the launch of Rebco Electric and Ellie Brands, a branding boutique to help other great small business brands grow better.  

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