Going Local for the HuDawn Holiday

Posted on: January 6, 2014
Tags: Events

This year's theme for HuDawn’s holiday festivities was local. We hosted partner and employee parties at local venues - little gems in our city like The Art of Entertaining and Boost. We gifted clients with local, direct-from-the-farm products. We served our employees a locally grown and fresh dinner from a farm in Lebanon. Their gifts included gift cards to the Tri-States finest: Jeff Ruby’s, Bengals games, Graters, Kings Island and more. And a fun team building activity included traveling around the downtown area and capturing photos of local treasures. Teams got creative and snapped images of Fountain Square, downtown hospitals, The Museum Center, Sawyer Point, a firehouse and The Drop In Center.

We even bought our custom, imprinted gifts (totes and mugs) from local retailers like Touchtone Merchandise Group and Ballard Designs.

We had a wonderful holiday celebrating with our team and partners and were lucky to have such great products and services at our fingertips in the Cincinnati area. We will continue to buy locally as often as possible because we believe it's the best and we are proud to support our local economy. 

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