Happy Birthday Chad

Posted on: February 20, 2015
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As HuDawn becomes a "household name"; we launch into new markets; take on more million dollar projects; and continue to aggressively hire and build our team, it's nice to take a moment and reflect on the beginning. HuDawn was established as a company in 2009, but the name and origin date back to February 20, 1975. This was the day that HuDawn's President, Chad Hugh Nahrup, was born. And we at HuDawn sure are glad he was.

Some Background on Chad

Chad was the oldest of four siblings and grew up on a farm in Maineville, Ohio. From the time Chad could walk he was interested in working, taking on a challenge and doing his very best. He's the epitome of an oldest child: a trailblazer, type A, reliable, conscientious leader. This drive combined with opportunity from his parents led to many successes in academics, sports, 4-H and eventually in his career. Chad played football at Moeller High School and went on to play at the collegiate level at Hanover College. He graduated cum laude with a Bachelors in Business.

He started his career at a Cincinnati real estate and property management firm. While finessing his business skills and starting to build the idea of HuDawn, Chad married his wife Kim Dawn Nahrup and had three beautiful children: Ashton, Bailey and Carson. Kim and the kids were the final piece of the equation to launch Chad's dream of being an entrepreneur. Not only did they name the company after Chad and Kim's middle names (also passed down to their children) but his family encouraged and fully supported his decision to walk away from the firm after 12 years and start a new.

As the head of the property management division at the firm, Chad learned firsthand the challenges of building and maintaining commercial properties while leaning on contractors who were simply unreliable. He was convinced that he could do better and decided to switch sides and create a facility solutions company that was truly unique.

Five years later, HuDawn has become a credible and very successful contractor in the Cincinnati area and has launched into two new markets: Columbus and Indianapolis. Sales doubled from 2013 to 2014 and there are no indicators that this rapid rate of growth will decelerate any time soon.

Why We are Thankful for Chad

Chad is the type of fearless leader that everyone wants driving their business. He is extremely smart and analytical, yet flexible, creative and likable. There aren't many positive adjectives used to describe a leader that don't depict him. Typically a startup environment is a little uneasy and chaotic. People in the organization are unsure and maybe insecure about what the future holds. Not at HuDawn. This is why we are thankful for Chad. He has built trust and credibility throughout the company because he does what he says and he means what he does. Everyone is bought into his vision and trusts that tomorrow will be even better than today as long as Chad's leading the charge.

So, thank you Chad. Thank you for being born 40 years ago (thank you to Chad's parents for having him). Thank you for meeting your wife who had a big hand in naming and supporting HuDawn. Thank you for your intelligence, drive and unwavering vision to make HuDawn something special. And thank you most importantly, for being a good friend and trusted confidant to the whole HuDawn family.

Happy 40th Birthday Chad! Wishing you all the fortune of the first 40 tenfold into the next 40. Cheers!

If you would like to wish Chad a happy birthday please send him a note via email at or LinkedIn.

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