HuDawn Rolls Out Landscaping Service

Posted on: April 30, 2013
Tags: Landscaping

After tiptoeing into the landscaping and snow removal business in 2012, HuDawn officially launched the Landscaping Division as a third service line in 2013. Since established in 2009, HuDawn Facility Solutions has provided construction and maintenance services to companies like Mercy, Tri-Health and Neyer. As the working relationships grew with their clients and they quickly became trusted partners for all building needs, HuDawn identified an opportunity to expand and be a leader in a full spectrum facilities offering. 

Chad Nahrup, HuDawn’s President and Founder, said, “We talk to our clients often to understand their business challenges and we are constantly exploring new ways to provide solutions that last long-term." HuDawn discovered a void in the market. There are few landscaping companies that employ the same value-based, customer-focused approach as HuDawn.  "We are partnering with our landscaping clients to maximize the look of their properties while minimizing their costs. The response so far has been phenomenal," added Nahrup.

HuDawn recently hired ten new employees and purchased state of the art equipment and vehicles to move the new landscaping service line forward. They expect to double their client base for this offering by the end of the summer season and will implement new marketing and sales tactics to achieve this goal. 

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