HuDawn Supports 4-H Junior Livestock Program

Posted on: July 26, 2013
Tags: Events, Staff

HuDawn supported the 4-H Junior Livestock program by participating in the livestock auction this past Saturday at the Warren County Fair. The Junior Livestock program is a unique opportunity to develop the youth by raising and showing animals.

Many of HuDawn's staff members and partners grew up participating in 4-H and recognize the incredible impact it has had on their lives. Chad Nahrup, President of HuDawn says, "The experience of youth owning and working with animals, being responsible for their care and exhibiting them at the fair in a competitive environment is a tremendous character building process." This is why Chad and the HuDawn team will continue to support this program and encourage other companies to do the same.

HuDawn purchased several champions at the auction including Mikayla Pitman's Grand Champion County Bred Lamb from Nahrup Farms pictured above; Wesley Wehrle's Reserve Champion Market Lamb; and Laura Vonderhaar's Reserve Champion Steer. HuDawn also bought several goats, chickens, bunnies, feeder calves and additional lambs and steers from 4-H'ers including Chad's son, Ashton Nahrup. 

If you would like HuDawn to support your Junior Livestock program or purchase an animal at the fair next year send an email to And for additional company updates connect with HuDawn on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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