Todd Nahrup

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Field Manager



Todd Nahrup

Exceptional and diligent, Todd is the wealth of knowledge that leads every Special Project to success. His acumen, solutions-focused approach and ability to inspire a team are unmatched. Todd is the guy everyone wants in their corner: a stranger to no one, a friend for life and the ultimate problem solver who knows how, and is so committed to, getting work done.  He spent nearly 25 years building and managing a world renowned waterpark while also running his 10-acre farm in Maineville. 

Todd has an amazing wife, four children, eleven grandchildren, over 50 sheep, 20 other varying farm animals, three fields that he farms, six tractors, and an extensive garden.  With a very full and busy life, he still finds time to go to Amish auctions, country concerts with his family, sheep shows all over the Midwest, his grandkids sporting events and stay connected with old friends.